My guide of What to Wear

The Location of your shoot will influence what you wear. If you are having a beach session then it’s a sensible move not to wear high heels or anything beige coloured. Likewise avoid wearing green if you are heading to the forest for your photographs. This is all common sense really!

Try to avoid white clothing on an outdoor shoot in the middle of the day. Bright sun and white can be a nightmare to photograph

Be yourself – wear clothes you like and feel comfortable in. There is no need to rush out and buy new gear, I always think it is better to wear clothes you already have in your wardrobe. You are more likely to recognise yourself in your photographs!

Co-ordinate without matching, pick a colour palette, maybe a few colours that compliment each other. If you are a family then maybe go for one patterned outfit and the rest of the family wear plain colours that compliment that pattern. When you think about patterns & contrast – think about lighter & darker tones to compliment each other instead of one flat colour that blends into each other. I do always say try to avoid logos or anything that might date. Also think stripes never look great (they tend to distort in camera)

Think about where in your house you would like to display your photographs – make sure the colour of your outfits compliment your home decor.

For Studio photographs I always recommend no shoes or socks – it looks much nicer.



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